In Firebrand you are a knight, who hunts down monsters to become the most famous warrior ever. As all stubborn knights, you can never move backwards. Monsters are defeated by jumping on them with force or by using special equipment.

You will discover and learn to use WIND BOOTS to jump over the largest monsters, ICE SHIELDS to freeze any monster that comes in your way and FIRE WEAPONS to attack those beasts directly.

Play through 36 QUESTS, to train and get better.


Combine at least three planets in this fast Match 3 game.
Compete with players from all over the world.
Unlock new powers, like the Black Hole,
to increase your score and reach the top of the leader boards.

• fast puzzle game, played against time
• massive explosions always keep the game in motion
• as you play you will gain new powers to get even higher scores
• worldwide leader boards


Kiki the monkey jumps through the jungle in hope to find some bananas. If it weren't for those nasty animals who try to bite him he would be home already.